Friday, January 12, 2007

Waiting for The Peace Corps Invitation

After almost a year from our first orientation, applications, interviews, and medical exams, we are on the verge of learning where we are to be assigned (called an invitation). The Peace Corps office in Washington, DC called Mary a few days ago and asked us a few questions, then said our invitation packet would be mailed to us this week. Mary asked where are we going, but the Peace Corps person could not tell us. We had to wait for the mail. You figure it. I guess this is another example of what we can expect.

We know our assignment is in the South Pacific, one of six possible countries. Mary thinks it is the Kingdom of Tonga, based on nothing other than good female intuition. I think it is Vanuatu, based on nothing more than male certitude. Since we once thought it would be Africa or Central Asia, who knows where we actually end up. This waiting is the pits.

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