Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sold & Homeless

What does SOLD mean? Legally, it is the transfer of ownership. We did it! The official transfer of our house, when we get the money, is scheduled for April 6, 2007.

The new owners are two doctors from India with a small baby, currently living in an apartment. They seem excited about the house and should feel comfortable living on a street of seven houses, occupied soon by four medical doctors. Already they are planning on knocking out walls and expanding the size of the house. I guess these are the things needed to be done to make our house theirs.

Our house sold within six days. Very fast for a "slow" real estate market. We are both delighted and unprepared for the aftermath. After the initial euphoria of finding a buyer without a contingency and getting the price we wanted, greed set in. Since this is such a great house and it sold very fast, we probably should have asked for more money. But, alas, too late, the deal is done. Our house is no longer "staged". Now we can return to our normal lifestyle of organizing things in piles rather than drawers.

What does HOMELESS mean? We are one of them, soon to add our own definition to the word. We are faced with a mad scramble of not only finding a place to live between April 6th and our departure of June 3rd, but what to do with ourselves when we return for visits, or a place to live when our Peace Corps days are over. Should we rent an apartment, buy a condo, store our possessions? You think we would have decided on these things before now. Well, we have. It is just that we keep changing our minds. Fortunately, our friends are wonderful, if not a little naive, offering us rooms in their basement, northern cabins, and RV. For their sake, I hope we find a place of our own soon.

Selling the house is a biggy. Time to move onto the next phase of our journey. I hope you are enjoying reading about our angst.

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Teri said...

Congrats on the quick house sale! Wow, lots happening so quickly...must be hard to catch your breath! I can hardly keep up with all of it myself. Can't wait to see you on our visit in late April.