Friday, June 15, 2007

Going to A Samoan Village

We are all going to the inland rural village of Manunu from June 16 to June 30th to continue our training. Please do not expect any more entries on to this bog until sometime after we return to Apia. We are not allowed to bring computers, but I shall take my camera and a journal.

This is our first experience living with a host Samoan family to learn the customs, continue our language training, and find out first hand what living in a “Fish Bowl” is like. We are all excited as to what to expect in the village. We are only allowed to bring a minimum of clothes and no valuables.

Trainers are preparing us with lessons in Samoan culture and manners. Such training includes taking a shower with only a bucket of water while still wearing your clothes. It is also the first time we experience what living in the “Fish Bowl” society of Samoa is like.

Our trainers are going too. Our daily classroom lessons continue as before. There seems to be no let up into the Peace Corps efforts to cram as much information into our heads as they possibly can.

Last night we went out with other Peace Corps volunteers who gave us their take on what we might encounter. The single females in our group face the biggest challenge, since the societal rules governing their behavior is a big change from the way they have been living. I am sure we all shall have many stories upon our return to Apia and the ability to communication with the outside world. Then it is back to the village.


Teri said...

Sounds like village life in Manunu is never dull. I heard from Kim that two cats jumped into your bedroom window during the night. And there are baby chicks living in the house with you. And that your host family has a TV. Do they have a generator or something like that? I didn't think the village would have electricity. How are the language lessons coming along?

I've been keeping up with Marques' blog too, and he left me a comment saying he will be going to Manunu village on June 29 for your diversity training session. You and Mary on are on my mind every day.

Teri said...

Ok, let's hear about how the bathing with one bucket of water while still being clothed went for you in Manunu village. Feeling like you could use a nice long shower about now???

Love you.