Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Extra Cash?


There are many good causes asking for your donations. I would like you to consider helping me out in Samoa as one of them, but without the overhead costs. The needs here are almost overwhelming. You can take any area from education, to health, to small business, to home gardens that cry out for assistance.

If you would like to donate directly, you can go to your local supermarket service counter and send a Money Gram or Western Union to me. I shall do my best to carry out your wishes on its use and from whom it came.

If you would like to donate a large tax-deductible sum ($1,000+), the Peace Corps has a special partnership program with some matching funds, if available. This is a longer process, requiring the submission of an application to the Peace Corps for a specific project.

All donations are to be used to help Samoans help themselves, rather than direct handouts to individuals.

To donate directly, wire funds to:
Nick Shuraleff
Westpac Bank
Salelologa, Samoa (Western)

If you or a group of you want to participate in the Peace Corps Partnership Program, please let me know about how much you want to contribute and we can develop a proposal together.

If you want or have contributed, please email me at:

Please note: The United States sends no foreign aid to Samoa and the Peace Corps provides us with no funds with which to do our projects.

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