Friday, August 1, 2008

My Children Visit


Still Smiling after 46 Hours of Travel

Kim, Nicholas, and Matt (lump under sheet) Asleep at Hotel Wharf

What a joy to see my son, Nicholas, my youngest daughter, Kim, and her husband, Matt, who arrived at 1:00 am today after a 2 day trip, including a 17 hour lay over in Fiji. To add to the adventure of their trip we slept on benches at the wharf awaiting the first ferry to Savaii at 8:00 am.

Blog entries may be spotty over the next two weeks.
Kids do demand a lot of your time, no matter what their age


Benjamin H. said...

Nick, that's awesome that Nicholas, Kim and Matt showed up! I am currious on what they thought of their stay. I'm thinking that when they showed up their first question may have been "Dad, what were you thinking???"
So how do you accomidate visitors? A nearby hotel? Did they bring you any essentials? Seeds maybe?
I bet this is a welcome 'break' for you to see your family. Now coming home to family and friends should be that much more desireable.

Teri said...

So happy to hear everyone got there in one piece! Of course I expected nothing less. Have fun together and be sure to take lots of pictures! Can't wait to hear all about it.


Anonymous said...

You deserve visitors but still i wish Mary was wit you.