Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meeting the M. O. H.


The mayor of another large village was so excited about having his village tested; he wanted to introduce me to village leaders, including the visiting Minister of Health (M.O.H.). I expectantly sat under a breadfruit tree outside the meeting hall awaiting my call.

Loud voices from inside the hall about the testing program gave me something to dread. The Minister had poured cold water on the subject reciting various rules, procedures, agreements, protocols, blah…blah, which first needed to be followed. I asked if I could at least meet with her.

The M.O.H. was a elegant white-haired lady, quite stylish and obviously educated overseas. As she repeated the various rules, blah…blah to me, she asked what else I was doing. I mentioned about helping get the new Iva Primary School. She interrupted me to say that she was the one who made it happen. Yes, I recognized she did play some part in getting the school, but the new school was mine! When she refused to have a picture taken with her, I knew the M.O.H. and I should continue our relationship as far apart as possible.

As for testing the mayor’s village, I was planned for next month.

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