Thursday, April 15, 2010

Outdoor Baseball

Today is an historic one. It marks the second day of the Minnesota Twins playing in their new outdoor ballpark (Target Field), their first loss in the new stadium (6-3 to Red Sox), and the first time it rained at a Twins home game in over 20 years. It is shirt sleeve weather to boot. All this history for only $400 million.

You may ask youself why an outdoor ballpark after Minnesota built an indoor stadium (Metrodome) so the Vikings and the Twins would not have to contend with the region's Klondike weather? I am a mere motal, unable to answer these types of questions. I am happy to report there are lots of heaters located at the food concourses, just outside of the beer stands, for those wimpy fans from visiting teams.

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whatever said...

It's too bad, but you could have a Super Bowl trophy this year. My husband & I were rooting so hard for Brett Favre, but that darn interception, what, if's, but's,....well as the Cubbie fans says, "there is always next year."