Thursday, March 17, 2011

What is Samoa Challenge III?

March 17, 2011

Samoa Health Challenge III

"Look Better, Feel Better,

and Be Better"

What is the Samoa Challenge III?

The program helps adults of Samoa to “Look Better, Feel Better, and Be Better”.

The 10-week Challenge is a fun and easy way to control weight through nutrition and exercise.

Why is the Challenge Needed?

Everyone wants to “Look Better, Feel Better, and Be Better”. The easiest way to reach these goals is through weight control. This is difficult because of changing Samoan lifestyles and diet.

Failure to control weight not only makes you feel bad about your appearance and loss of energy, but also greatly increases your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. These diseases are a huge cost to families in having to take care of affected persons, but also drain away funds from the National Health Service that could be used to treat other sicknesses.

How does the Challenge Work?

Each participant is asked to sign a “Samoan Challenge III Pledge” which states that they will try to: “Exercise and walk more. Eat less fatty foods. Eat and drink fewer sweets. Eat more local fresh fruits and vegetables”.

To help in their efforts to lose weight, every participant gets a pink plastic wristband to remind them of their pledge. Each participant also is part of a group made up of their friends, family, coworkers, women’s committee, church, village councils, school, youth group, or organization. Each group should have at least 20 members and a group leader.

The group is lead by their group leader who is given training and support materials. The group is to meet at least once a week to exercise and learn about ways to control weight. Men and women 21 years of age or older can join the group at anytime. Scales are provided to measure a person’s progress.

Why is it called the Third Challenge?

The first Challenge was held in 2009, and the second in 2010. The Challenges were very successful, with many people losing weight, decreasing waist measurements, and decreasing their blood pressure. Since the people of Samoa like challenges and want to “Look Better, Feel Better, and Be Better”, Challenge III was created to help even more people.

What is the Role of Women in Business Development?

Women in Business Development, a Non-Government Organization, has been a key part of Samoa Challenge I and II. It is also organizing Samoa Challenge III along with he United States Peace Corps.

How do I become a Group Leader or Join the Challenge?

To enter the Challenge you must be part of a group and have a group leader. If you want to Register a Group or be Group Leader, pick up a registration form at any of the advertised locations, from a representative of Women in Business, or Peace Corps Volunteer.

Awards Ceremony

At the conclusion of the Challenge, groups and group leaders will be recognized and prizes awarded for things such as the greatest level of participation in the Challenge and the highest achievements in regards to weight loss and physical fitness.

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