Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Craig's List or What I Learned about E- Selling

CraigsList is an internet sales service. At least for the household items I want to sell, CraigsList differs from other services like eBay in that it is aimed at a sales within local market, the buyers typically pay cash rather than through PayPal, pick up their items rather than have them shipped, and it is FREE (I think). It really works. But that is not the reason for this blog posting.

I listed the items I wanted to sell with pictures. I really marked things down. Immediately my phone began to ring and emails began to pour in. Soon I found myself juggling times when people could come and see the items. People began to arrive in a buying frenzy. Before long people who had arrived early were reselling things to people arriving later. It was like a Turkish Bazaar. The neighbors were going to call the police because of all the activity in front of my house. Just about everything I had listed was gone in a few hours.

As a courtesy to others who were either coming later or who were seeking additional information, I began to call and email those who missed out. I wrote or simply said "Item has been sold. Thank You".

Much to my chagrin, I got back emails chastising me for not being sensitive enough in letting them know about a lost sale. They even suggested phrases which I should have used to ease their pain.

Dear Abby, "Where Did I Go Wrong? I can't sleep knowing these souls are in torment over not getting my $25 lamp set."

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