Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Adjusting to Apart


Twenty four to twenty seven days are how long experts say it takes to adjust to a new environment or situation. According to that measure I have adjusted to the single Peace Corps life without Mary. I feel confident of the road ahead, but something is missing- sharing.

Sharing, not in the psychobabble sense of sympathetic dialog, but sharing in the being broke together, watching the children graduate together, and digging in the dirt together type. It is being together during life’s events that make being a couple so worthwhile.
This is the part of life when the experiences and emotions of the other become your own. It is now the absence of sharing I rue.

To be sure, I am having many experiences with others. Yet with them, as wonderful as those experiences are, they are a moment in time, not a gap to be renewed in the future.Gaps are frightening for they somehow, unpredictably get filled. Just how our gap of the next 15 months is to be filled is the Phase II of our Peace Corps adventure- apart

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