Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trent Lobdell, PCT, Visits


Trent (26) is a new Peace Corps Trainee from Indianapolis, an Aeronautical Engineer from Purdue who arrived in Samoa June 4th. He is in Village Based Development with a specialty in Small Business, like me. He is also a Type A diabetic. As part of his training, he is to find his way to my village where for four days he is to observe first hand what may await him.

As we talk and as he assisted in planting cabbage, going to a plantation, meeting my host family and other villagers, and observing my daily housekeeping routine, I recall my experiences as a Trainee and the profound influence my trip to stay with an experienced Peace Corps, Derek Marshall, had on me.

I try to relate that Peace Corps is an adventure you have willing joined. Like all adventures there are good and bad, exciting and dull times. It is the journey itself where you muddle through in the fogginess of the unfamiliar, which makes it so worthwhile, yet unexplainable to others and untenable for some. I think Trent already knows this. He is ready to make the trip. It is good to know the Peace Corps pipeline is still filled with talented young people.
Trent Lobdell in my guest house.

Tossing rocks for mangos.

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Barb Carusillo said...

Wow, a fellow Indianapolis lad! Go Purdue! Our youngest is a sophomore there, Sara's baby sister.