Friday, October 3, 2008

Green Mondays


The Holy Bible states that on the Seventh day God rested. For most following the teachings of the Bible, this day is Sunday, unless you are Seventh Day Adventist, which puts it on Saturday or Jewish which is from dusk on Friday to sundown on Saturday. This is why European calendars put Sunday as the last day of the week while Jews and Americans put Sunday as the first day of the week. It also explains why automobile dealerships, mostly owned by Christians, are closed on Sundays and why Jews, most of whom own retail stores or are TV producers or movie moguls, have Sunday sales or air “Sunday Night at the Movies” and “Sunday Night Football”.

Many states prohibit the sale of alcohol on Sunday, some altogether, others only by the bottle. States permit the drinking of Jesus’ blood or facsimile thereof on any day of the week. All this confusion about resting, drinking, and commerce can be a nightmare and explains why some rest, drink, and work all the time while others do the opposite.

Least I digress too far; in Samoa Sunday is a day of rest, except for Seventh Day Adventists who get to rest on two days, one by choice and the other by law. Doing nothing is hard work. Resting all day is tiresome. You find yourself going to bed earlier than normal because sleeping gets you to tomorrow faster than staring at the ceiling. Come Monday you can’t wait to get going.

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