Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Stefano was one of those hyphenated people, a 60+ Greek-Australian whom I met walking on the road as he passed out bible quotes. He told about preaching in the marketplace earlier in the day. A pastor heard him and gave him a place to stay for two nights. Since Nicholas was a Greek name, he joined me at my house to discuss religion, and his life.

Like all recollections of the past, Stefano’s life had some glaring inconsistencies and gaps. He was what you might call a world-traveling monk living on an Australian pension. One thing was obvious. The Holy Spirit possessed him and the Devil everyone else.

Stefano returned to Australia after leaving me with a CD about how I could be saved. He took with him two packages of my okra and a jar of papaya chutney.

P.S. No Picture. Dead camera batteries.

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