Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tattoo Mystique


There is an aura about a tattoo, private to the owner, and maybe baffling to those without one. Just why a person would paint their body is as varied as the patterns of ink gun imprints. The mystique lies in the permanency of that ink.

Tattoos are meant to communicate, but mostly to the wearer than the observer. The message works it way through your skin, even if the wearer cannot see it. Henna, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and billboards are for fads and the cause d’jour. Tattoos are forever.

Not all tattoos conjure warm thoughts. If you are contemplating one, here is my advice:
Never refer to a living person. Angelina Jolie learned the hard way about that rule.
Be sober and solitary. Tattoo orgies are dangerous affairs.
Don’t use a tattoo to vent a grotesque fetish, vendetta, or political cause.
Sayings in English, Oriental, Arabic, Hebrew, or any other foreign language have a way of being either passé or will be misinterpreted by someone.
Religious symbols remain, faiths change.
Tattoos feel like sunburn. Start small. Big sunburns can really hurt. Don’t let the process scare you.
Make sure the tattoo is important to you.

Now go and get one.

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Anonymous said...

Tattoos are good for reconizing people through body parts in case of! In the future the Red Cross will not have any blood banks, for they do not take blood from those with a tattoos, you figure it out!