Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WHO Presentation


Some things go better than you can ever have hoped and my presentation to the U.N. World Health Organization on the results of my diabetes and hypertension screening was just such and event. What I thought was going to be only for a few people turned into an group of some of the country’s most influential health leaders and Peace Corps Director. I owe the gathering to Ms. Fuatai Maiava of WHO for taking the initiative. My message only lasted for 30 minutes followed by over an hour of questions and comments. My results are now loaded in the flash drives of most attendees.

The main thrust is to squarely talk about the relationship between obesity and diabetes/hypertension. Obesity is the mountain before this country with a rate of over 60% clinically obese. Already the country is swamped with the effects of obesity and it is like a huge tax on everyone. The discussions show just how difficult it is when you are trying to tackle such complex issues as “lifestyle” diseases. At least the meeting helps officials get one step closer to the mountain.

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Teri said...

I am so pleased to hear you had the opportunity to make this presentation to WHO and that you got so many questions afterward, dad! Just today, while working out at the gym, I was contemplating the potential long term effects of these past months of regular workouts, healthy eating and the resulting weight loss on my own health. You have done so much with your time in Samoa to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight. I am so proud of your work there!

Looking forward to having you back in the U.S. and hope you have safe travels on the way.