Friday, November 6, 2009

A Nice Fall Day


Every once in a while, Minnesota weather surprises you. Yesterday, cold and rainy. Today, warm (50's) and sunny. A good day for a long walk to Trader Joe's to restock my wine rack with "Three Buck Chuck".

There is something romantic about a walk on nice fall day, especially one in a Minnesota November. The leaves crunch beneath your feet on the sidewalk. Homeowners are out raking, more to enjoy the day then to tend to chores they should have done weeks ago. There is the perfume of vegetation just beginning to decompose and the overtone of thawing canine feces. The nearby lake is a resting spot for Canadian geese on their way south.

I am discovering sights of my new urban neighborhood for which I had no time before before departing to Samoa. There are small parks tucked away off the main streets, small churches, little homes with plantings instead of grass, schools with children playing outside during recess.

Returning to my condo with the low angled sun streaming through the window, I realize adventures come in many guises, some more subtle than others.

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Benjamin H. said...

I gotta get to Trader Joes. Never been. Hopefuly next time in in the cities. Good to see you at my fathers celabration Nick.