Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paradise Closing

Here are some updates as to what is happening as my return to Samoa on December 1 gets closer:

-One of the current Peace Corps Volunteers, James Metz, has arranged for Homedics to donate twelve blood pressure cuffs to be delivered to me for transfer to Samoa.

- The Professor from Brown University, Dr. Stephen McGarvey, who is doing a research project on diabetes and hypertension is going to be in Samoa the same time as me. We plan to get together.

- Another extending Peace Corps Volunteer from my Group 78, Ben Harding, has asked me to help with the latest group of new volunteers. Training is held in the same village of Manunu as for my group. Deja Vue?

- Several Peace Corps have volunteered to house me in Apia during my stay.

- My host family in Iva has texted asking for money, kitchen knives, and a large bottle of ibuprophen. Of course, I shall oblige

- I have learned the school dedication, the initial reason for returning, is actually scheduled for December 22nd, not December 20th. I am leaving on December 21st. You just have got to love the place!

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