Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BUBW Conference, San Diego

March 3 - 7, 2010

While awaiting a possible Peace Corps Response assignment, I have reactivated my association with the foreign student exchange program, AFS (formerly American Field Service). One of my duties was to attend a conference in San Diego conducted by a Muslim Imam and his American wife (formerly US Army and a convert to Islam). The conference called "Better Understanding for a Better World) was for U.S. Department of State scholarship students from 23 different countries, mostly Muslim and the former USSR.

Whereas many people never venture into a church of a different faith, these students went to the Episcopal Cathedral of San Diego, Congregation Beth Israel , and the Islamic Center of San Diego where they heard from the clergy about these different religions. The day was concluded with the three religious leaders coming to the mosque as part of a panel. The students could ask any questions of the panelists and did, with no panelist wanting to be the first to reply. It was an experience we all should have.

Group picture of students, many in native costums

Saint Paul's Episcopal Cathedral of San Diego

Rabbi Berk at Congregation Beth Israel

Imam Abdel Jalil Mazgouri and Sister at Islamic Center of San Diego

Panel of Reverand Richard Scott, Rabbi Katz, and Imam Mezgouri

Women volunteers and students wearing hijabs before entering

German student in red leading group while awaiting bus

Dinner cruise and "Fire on the Dance Floor"
What will I look like when I am 64?


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