Wednesday, March 24, 2010



SPAM Regular
Top Row: SPAM Lite, SPAM Hickory Smoked, SPAM Bacon
Middle: SPAM Turkey, SPAM Black Pepper, SPAM Garlic
Bottom: SPAM Less Sodium, SPAM Hot & Spicy, SPAM with Cheese

How could it have been this long to visit the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota? It took being in Samoa to appreciate where SPAM is served to honored guests and where I was informed about the SPAM museum. I could go on and on about SPAM facts, but the fact the 44,000 cans of SPAM are made every hour should give you some idea of its importance.
Hawaii eats the most SPAM in the US (A lot of Samoans live in Hawaii).
For lunch we went to a nearby restaurant for, what else?, SPAM sandwiches (every eatery in Austin, MN serves SPAM).

Mary at SPAM Museum in Austin, MN

SPAM burger with chips, please.

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Barb Carusillo said...

Our Sara absolutely hates spam, even though once in awhile I used chunks of spam in a scalloped potato recipe I used to make. You would think I was trying to poison the family. That is one Samoan favorite that I bet never touched their lips over there!