Sunday, April 10, 2011

Departure Eve

April 9, 2011

Twas the night before departure and all through my daughter's, Kim, house

Not even Kim's loose boa constrictor, Mr. Burns, would come out for a mouse.

The front bedroom walls painted in preparation for the baby to arrive,

Kim doesn't have to go far for a spectacular dive.

My children and Mary resting in a soft living room chair,

Knowing soon Nicholas II would no longer be there.

Nicholas III's girlfriend, Heidi, exclaimed before we left for the night,

"Going on the 'Pedal Pub' without Nick II, just won't be right".

So leaving some pink wristbands for others to wear,

And a copy of "The Pledge" upon which to swear.

I depart with trepidation and with yearnings to return,

To a new baby grandson, townhouse, a condo sold, and the reappearance of Dear Mr. Burn.


Chris said...

Kim and Matt
Wow, I had no idea the babies murals were so two are most talented, in more ways besides baby making!!!
My great nephew will have many a tropical and deep sea dreams. Can hardly wait to meet him.
love ya
aunt chris

Teri said...

Loved this post! Safe travels, daddy-o. Watch out Upolu, here he comes! NCII is about to take Apia by storm. Can't wait to hear about your new living quarters, the certain success of the wristband project and everything else.

Your eldest is most proud to be a Shuraleff.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get some spare time to do a little blogging while your back in Samoa ,As the quality of the blogs has dropped a bit since Matt & Co have returned home .My Samoan wife & I over the this would not happen in America posts,youth its wasted on the young so looking foreword to your wisdom & posts Cheers Anthony & Elena.

Priebe said...

Nick, live the moment over there and come home safely to tell the tale! We'll miss you and, as always, send you our best. Love, the Priebes