Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Savaii Peace Corps Volunteers

April 14, 2011
I was able to circumnavigate the island of Savaii in a one day rush to visit all of the volunteers who now call my old island, home, and who will help administer the Samaon Challenge in their villages.

Robert Gonzales (83), Tafua-Tai

Rachel Goldstein (82), Samalaeulu

Patricia Marks (83), Tufutafoe

Olivia Hanson (83), Iva

Nancy Magsig (83), Faga

Michael Jeter (83), Vaisala

Matt Kaplan (82), Asau

Lillian Watson (82), Gagaemalae

Jennifer Sutherland (83), Samauga

Patricia Neal (82), Sapapalii

Elisa Law (82), Vaipua

Devon Childress (83), Sagone

Dana Gray (82), Neiafu

Missing: Allison Campbell (82), Sasina


thinkersonline said...

What do the (82) and (83) tags mean after their names? They obviously aren't their ages!!!!

Benjamin H. said...

I think theat is the PC group # to Somoa.