Monday, June 27, 2011

Challenge starts at Diabetes Association

June 23, 2011

Every day there is a stream of people coming through the diabetes association to be tested, visit the doctors, and try to carry on their lives. I was elated when the association decided to use the Challenge as another way to try and slow the degradation of their patients.

How nice to see people signing “the Pledge” and getting pink wristbands.

Diabetes Association of Samoa Clinic

Introduction to first arrivals
Patient gets a pink Challenge wristband


Teri said...

This is great news indeed! Love seeing those pink wrist bands on the folks in the diabetes clinic. Here's hoping they can make some real changes in their diets and then stick to them long term.

Winnie said...

I commend you for the fantastic work you're doing for Diabetes in Samoa.I am a RN specialling in diabetes education here in Brisbane Australia.I am Samoan, been living here in Aussie for 30 years. Diabetes with its silent insidious nature is causing a lot of premature deaths amongst our people. Prevention,screening and providing the right information is so vital.Keep up the good work.