Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mr & Mrs Ben Harding

June 4, 2011

Ben Harding from my Peace Corps Group 78 married Umuafu, a Samoan from his village of Neiafu on Savaii last year. In September he took his bride back to Virginia to introduce her to his family. In December they moved to San Diego and on to Hilo, Hawaii where Ben’s sister lives. In Hawaii they worked on an “organic” farm for room and board along with other odd jobs as they worked their way back to Neiafu, now their home, last month.

Umuafu’s English is greatly improved. She says Ben’s family is very nice and friendly towards her. She likes America, especially video arcades where she can drive race cars. The stores, the mall, the supermarket also rank near the top. She is happy to be back with her family.

Now Ben and Umuafu need to find a way to make a living her in Samoa as they live with her parents. She is getting a job in Apia working for a car dealer while Ben experiments with different agricultural ideas.

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LOL... Neiafu on the map...