Sunday, April 8, 2007

The ASKO WCAM 1812 Washer/Dryer Machine

It is said that God created the Gnu (Wildebeest) from the best parts of other animals. For surely, the gnu is the product of the most noble features of noble creatures. The end result is the ugliest of all hoofed animals whose sole purpose seems to be the main food for lions and hyenas.

Likewise, the ASKO Model WCAM 1812 combination washer/dryer in our apartment is the byproduct of Scandinavian minds, designed by the brightest engineers to save space and energy. The concept of the WCAM 1812 is simple, a machine that in one load both washes and drys. The problem is it does them either poorly or not at all.

You may ask, what do gnus and WCAM 1812s have to do with the Peace Corps and Samoa? I really don't know, except to ponder the effects of mixing good ideas and intentions, or how to successfully do one load of laundry.

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