Sunday, April 1, 2007

Leaving Edina

We have officially purchased our condominium in the City of Minneapolis and are moving there tomorrow. Samoa is two months away. We are leaving, a place of being, a state of mind; the suburban City of Edina. Please indulge me a few transient thoughts.

Edina, "It's not good; it's not bad; it's just nice". Nice is comfortable, safe, and tidy. It is a place to raise your children, to protect them from harm, to nurture them to adulthood. Nice is special and above average. One works hard to achieve the state of niceness. It is not something to dismiss cavalierly.

Time forces us into the unknowns of retirement and empty nest. What we are leaving is the place in which we were parents and the world associated with parenting. This is hardly unique to us, but it is happening to us. We may be the vanguard for our younger friends as they approach this period in their lives. As the Book of Ecclesiastes says, "for every time, there is a season". This is our time, our season to leave Edina.

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