Saturday, October 27, 2007

Iva, Month Two, Progress Report


Your Tax Dollars at Work

This past month we started applying for grants by visiting thirteen different governmental agencies, NGO’s, and stores for quotes in a one day period. My feet were bleeding at the end of the day. We met a lot of important people and people related to villagers in Iva. That means a lot in Samoa.

Here is where we stand on our major projects:

Village Computer/Telecenter
We hand delivered and presented a letter of request to the Ministry of Telecommunications detailing why Iva should be considered. The letter had numerous signatures of village officials to indicate the serious of the village in pursuing a center.

The project has taken on enormous importance in the village. It is as if the entire future of the village depends on getting this communications center. Hopefully, we get some feedback some.

Sewing Machines
The Women’s Committee decided on fewer but better quality sewing machines. We got their input on filling out the proposal form which required considerable thought about what would be done after we got the machines. This proposal is being hand delivered to the New Zealand High Commission this coming week.

Village Youth
Much to our amazement, the village mayor said he was calling a meeting of all the village youth the first week of November. We can decide on the day and what to do. We have no idea what we are doing.

Using Local High School Computer Lab
Negotiations with the school principle on having us teach some computer for teachers and students, and to also provide lessons to villagers is awaiting his meeting with the School Committee (Board of Ed). National testing is going on now, which further delays us getting an answer. We think he will agree because it is a way for the school to make some money.

Relocating/Rebuilding Village Primary School
We were asked to table this project since grants for this type of project seem to be on hold. No Money.

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