Thursday, October 18, 2007

Smitten (Bitten) Again


Back in September, I was painfully bitten while asleep on the top of the head by an unknown critter. Last night, I was awakened again with a similar pain shooting through my arm. Was it a bad dream? No, how could it be a dream with blood dripping from by elbow and the two little fang marks. Now I know what being bitten by a Samoan centipede is like.

At least I haven’t been bitten on the testicles as one Peace Corps Volunteer. I hate to think how that felt!

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Teri said...

OOhhhh! Makes me shudder to even think about it! Just a little different than camping at that little cabin on Lake Mille Lacs with Danny Ohlsen. Remember how I freaked out over the tick Mary had on her?