Saturday, May 16, 2009

Group Photos of Group 78 Samoa


There are only of few times when all the members of Group 78 are together. Here are photos of those times.

Departing from Los Angles Airport, June 5, 2007:
Front row: Safiya Mitchell, Hannah Goldman
Middle row: Crystal Ochoa, Mary Shuraleff, Erin Jenkins, Renee Moog, Kaitlin Everett
Back row: Shane Twilla, Mark Miller, Justin Newnum, Benjamin Harding, Nick Shuraleff, Christian Heath, Paul Sylvester, Jacob Burney, Donna Barr

Arrival in Apia, Samoa, June 6, 2007
Front row: Christian Heath, Kaitlin Everett, Hannah Goldman, Justin Newnum, Erin Jenkins, Jacob Burney, Renee Moog
Back row: Crystal Ochoa, Safiya Mitchell, Benjamin Harding, Mark Miller, Nick Shuraleff, Mary Shuraleff, Donna Barr, Paul Sylvester
Not pictured: Shane Twilla, detained by Samoan customs because of a plastic whiffle bat

Dance Performance at Training Village, Manunu, June 18, 2007
Front row: Hannah Goldman, Shane Twilla, Christian Heath, Safiya Mitchell
Middle row: Donna Barr, Mary Shuraleff, Erin Jenkins, Crystal Ochoa,

Kaitlin Everett, Renee Moog

Back row: Nick Shuraleff, Mark Miller, Justin Newnum, Paul Sylvester,
Jacob Burney, Benjamin Harding

Early Service Meeting at FaoFao Beach Resort, February 6, 2008
Kneeling: Christian Heath, Jacob Burney
Front row: Crystal Ochoa, Erin Jenkins, Hannah Goldman, Kaitlin Everett, Renee Moog
Middle row: Benjamin, Harding, Donna Barr, Mary Shuraleff, Setu Timoteo (Language Trainer), Leata Lima (Language Trainer),
Back row: Justin Newnum, Mark Miller, Nick Shuraleff, Shane Twilla, Paul Sylvester, Onofia Simone (Language Trainer), Sau Pita (Language Trainer), Henry Tamasese (Training Director)
Not pictured: Safiya Mitchell who was hospitalized.

Close of Service Meeting, Coconuts Resort, May 13, 2009
Front row: Shane Twilla, Erin Jenkins, Jacob Burney

Back row: Nick Shuraleff. Christian Heath, Benjamin Harding

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