Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jacob (Iakopo) and Shane (Sani) Depart


Jacob Burney, Colorado, and Shane Twilla, California, depart tonight, reducing our Group 78 from the original sixteen to four.
Jacob Burney contemplating the vastness of the Pacific
Jacob, June 2007

Jacob is simply taking a 30-day reprieve before he rejoins the Peace Corps for a one-year assignment as an English teacher in China. Jacob is a fellow Savaiian with a strong interest in youth and athletics. He leaves behind a weight room, a reestablished telecenter, and created computer classes in a nearby village now taught by a new Peace Corps Volunteer. Jacob remains as enigmatic as ever.

Shane Twilla leading us in a Samoan dance

Shane, June 2007

Shane returns after five operations on his foot persuaded him that two years of service and suffering fulfilled his Peace Corps comittment. Shane is our most decorated Group 78 member with a large Samoan shoulder tattoo to accompany his large collection of body art. He leaves behind a full tenure with teaching assignments and cattle/dog castrations among his many successes. Shane remains as loquacious as ever, be it in Samoan or English.

Both are missed and served the Peace Corps well

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marija said...

Nick, nice wrap up on these two departing PCV fellows. I wish I had more time in Samoa when we visited our son to ask questions on the health projects you are doing. I work for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, as epidemiologist.
Marija (Toa's mom)