Monday, May 3, 2010

50 Year Old SPAM Virgin

It is hard to believe that a 50 year old person, who born and raised in Minnesota, living in London for the past 10 years, last week visiting the SPAM museum in Austin, MN, has never tasted SPAM. Yet she and others like her do exist.
At her 50th birthday party, I had the honor to present her with a SPAM birthday cake and the opportunity for her first taste of SPAM. She liked it! Thereupon, she received a can of "SPAM with Cheese" to celebrate the loss of her SPAM virginity. Other SPAM virgins broke abstinence by biting into that delicious combination of pork shoulder, ham, herbs and spices.
Laura Braley,
the 50 year old SPAM virgin deciding: Beer, cake, or SPAM

Her first bite of SPAM.

It may be noted that when given the choice between traditional birthday cake, topped with thick sugary buttery icing and a slice of SPAM, most selected the unhealthy layer cake. Habits are hard to break. I suggest at your next birthday you serve a healthy slice of SPAM.

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