Monday, May 24, 2010

Minneapolis Heat Wave

5/24/10 Could this be what Minnesotans might be wearing soon?
Today we had our first summer day. Within hours the seasons changed. You took off your sweatshirt and just started to sweat. Air conditioners could be heard grinding away. For many, it seemed like a near death experience, another record setting day(aren't they all here) with a high of 92, low of 70 , and a dew point of 67 degrees.

I checked the weather in Samoa, a nice average fall day with a high of 88, low of 77, and dew point of 75 degrees.

Time for me to get out my lava lava and show these people how to keep cool.

P.S. My wife, Mary, did not quite share my enthusiam for warmer weather. She assumed a position on our coach with here Samoan fan, ili, and a finger on the Air Con remote control.

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whatever said...

I wear my ie lavalava, today. It was hot, that my husband and I decided to wear them. We heard firecrackers go off and thinking that we are representing Samoa during this Memorial Day...thank you to all the soldiers, and this is the best Country in the world, well besides Samoa.