Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Letter to Myself


Soon upon arriving in Samoa, the Peace Corps had us write a personal, sealed letter to ourselves. It was to be handed back upon completion 27 months later. I think it was to be about what we wanted to accomplish and/or our expectations. I had completely forgotten about it, until I got it back.

Letters like these are like New Year's Resolutions, wedding vows, wills, and career objectives, projections into the future. Yet, in a way they reflect what we may want to happen or just how seriously we take our own words. It is like writing your own eulogy, but with the chance to rip it up before anyone else can read it.

Below is my letter. It is a worthwhile exercise for anyone.

"June 9, 2007
Dear Nick,

Every once in a while you get the opportunity to do something that really makes you anxious, a real challenge. Your being in the Peace Corps is just that.

My main objective is to enjoy the process and hope that somewhere along the line you can help someone.

Please keep in mind that you have an impact on others, intended or not, and not most are just trying to get along and make it through the day.

You must be careful of your dominating and cynical attitude about the ironies of life. Inconsistencies are the norm, most are unrecognized.

I also hope that this experience which I can happily share with my wife. We need to support each other, and others who may seek our opinions and help.

In the end, I hope they say he did a good job and we hate to see him leave.

Nick Shuraleff"


whatever said...

Nick, I am the mystery person, I live close to Lake Zurich, IL. I was born and raised in Savaii. I enjoyed reading all the pisikoa's blogs.

whatever said...

Vaai ile manaia tele ole sami ma lona lanu moana(Look at the ocean with it's beautiful color blue)

Anonymous said...

love reading ur blog too.
i live in New Zealand