Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Matai’s Decision


Matai is the title given to the selected head of a family. This title enables the matai to represent the family at the village council and is required to be selected to parliament. The matai is responsible for the well being of the family and is the final decision maker in family matters. Our matai had to make one such decision.

Our matai’s only grandchild, a 10 month boy, has lived with the family since birth. His mother, the matai’s daughter, 24, lives in Apia with her “husband” and rarely visits her son. Both she and her husband seem unemployed. The paternal grandparents would raise the child until the couple is on their feet.

Two weeks ago, the matai’s sister and her 50+ American husband flew in from their home in Hawaii. She has been trying to have a child, but has been unsuccessful. They want to adopt the baby and raise him in Hawaii.

The matai’s wife and his children have not only raised the child but have completely bonded to him. The child was called KJ, in reference to the matai.

All parties want the child. The entire extended family is also affected by the outcome of his decision as to who would get the child. He made his decision and it is final.


Teri said...

You forgot to tell us what his decision was! Talk about a cliff hanger...

L Wolf said...

I agree. What happened?