Monday, April 26, 2010

Anonymous Revealed

For over two years, an anonymous person has been entering snide comments on this blog, often to my amusement.

Thanks to the "analytics" feature provided by Google, the "Commenter" has now been revealed to live in Beverly Hills, Michigan. Although I know the name of the person, he/she shall continue to remain "Anonymous".

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's up with me?


The great thing about a blog is that you can write to yourself. If others read it, fine, but that's not the main point. It really is like a personal journal. Hardly private. So this is what I am doing today.

Tax Day:
I paid my taxes early, no refund, even owed money. My accountant couldn't understand why I paid early, but then he is a Republican.

Learning Turkish:
With headphones, CD player, and instruction book, I am once again trying to learn a little Turkish for our trip to Turkey this June.
Ne haber? "What's up" in Turkish.

I walk almost daily over 5 miles round trip to the health club, workout for another 1 1/2 hours, come home and weigh myself. So far I have gained about 15 pounds from what I weighed when I came back from Samoa.

The return to the joy of reading novels and the short walk to the library are now rituals. I don't seem to have enough time in the mornings for this pleasure.

I am trying to create a super blog from the closeted boxes of photograph albums and journals of past trips, adventures, events, and whatever. This is a bigger task than I orginally thought, taking longer than I thought. However, I am releasing my progress to date soon.

Trip planning:
Mary and I are invited to five weddings this summer. We are planning trips to Turkey in June, a train trip to Philadelphia and points East in July, a trip to Belgium and some other Eastern Europen countries in August/September, and trip to the bank for a loan soon.

Foreign exchange students:
Today, two of the German exchange in my program are joining some others for a trip to the Black Hills. Unfortunately I am unable to join them. However, I am planning on taking them on a trip to Duluth.

Samoa never seems to disappear. There are daily blogs, email, Facebook, text messaging, Skype, and "Survivor" on TV. All help to keep me in touch.

Well, there is probably more. But enough already!

Outdoor Baseball

Today is an historic one. It marks the second day of the Minnesota Twins playing in their new outdoor ballpark (Target Field), their first loss in the new stadium (6-3 to Red Sox), and the first time it rained at a Twins home game in over 20 years. It is shirt sleeve weather to boot. All this history for only $400 million.

You may ask youself why an outdoor ballpark after Minnesota built an indoor stadium (Metrodome) so the Vikings and the Twins would not have to contend with the region's Klondike weather? I am a mere motal, unable to answer these types of questions. I am happy to report there are lots of heaters located at the food concourses, just outside of the beer stands, for those wimpy fans from visiting teams.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mystery Person

Who are you?

Some anonymous person is spending hours reading this blog and writing thoughtful comments. Mary and I wonder who this person may be, amassing clues and using techniques from Mary's favorite TV sleuths, The Mentalist and House.

Here is what we think:
The person is a native Samoan, but now living in the US, probably near Lake Zurich, Illinois.
Our best guess is the person is female.

Whoever you are, it is nice to get a Samoan's point of view.