Friday, April 2, 2010

Mystery Person

Who are you?

Some anonymous person is spending hours reading this blog and writing thoughtful comments. Mary and I wonder who this person may be, amassing clues and using techniques from Mary's favorite TV sleuths, The Mentalist and House.

Here is what we think:
The person is a native Samoan, but now living in the US, probably near Lake Zurich, Illinois.
Our best guess is the person is female.

Whoever you are, it is nice to get a Samoan's point of view.


Anonymous said...

WRONG....try again!
I am glad you have enjoyed all of the "THOUGHFUL COMMENTS"

Anonymous said...

Well, just got back to your blog. I'm glad you like me, but I really like that name Mary(Malia). It's my mom's name, that's why I like your Mary.