Friday, November 23, 2007

A Day with Amos


Amos Cruz is a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching computers at Amoa Secondary School in Saipipi, Savaii. He extended his stay for a third year. He is the computer guru of Savaii who has taken his Peace Corps job beyond his own school and classroom. Besides his establishing the premier computer facility on Savaii, he has purchased with his own money twenty used computers from New Zeeland and is distributing them to public schools on Savaii, including the primary school in Iva. For most of the schools, this is their first computer.

I don’t know much about Amos personally, except he seems to be the quiet athletic type who is very dedicated to his work. I can sense the near panic state as he distributes the computers with only a few weeks left before he returns to the U.S. When he boards the plane for the midnight return trip home, I imagine if he wonders what the future fate of his classroom and computers is. Will his efforts produce the results he has worked so hard to germinate? But, this is the question that haunts many in the Peace Corps. Hopefully, he finds comfort that his example has inspired me. He has set an excellent example those about what being in the Peace Corps represents.

Amos in His Classroom

Amos's Keyboard Chart (I plan to copy it)

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Karen's Planet said...

Hi - I'm serving in the Eastern Caribbean, Saint Lucia. I'm going to use that finger chart when I teach children here how to type. Thanks for posting it!