Monday, June 16, 2008

You Always Have God


Many in the Peace Corps have trouble reconciling the role of the church in Samoa. One cannot help but notice the finest buildings are churches; the biggest homes belong to clergy each sitting along side of ramshackle stores and homes. It just didn’t make sense why people with so little give so much to support their church even at the sacrifice of their own and children’s well-being.

In many ways Samoa is like my current old boyhood neighborhood in Detroit. Here churches now occupy what was once thriving stores amongst burnt out buildings and homes. If there is a connection, I think it is demonstrating a communal glorification of God, which people receive and which becomes a testament that you mattered during your lifetime.

Yes there are charlatans who prey on others. There are religious power seekers who abuse their authority. There is the use of scriptures by corrupt politicians. There is religious zeal that stifles knowledge and enlightenment. Then I watch as people leave the church in a pouring predawn rain with a look of contentment on their wet faces and realize they have something I don’t have. They always have God.

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Anonymous said...

All religions have been based on the fear of the un-known....
thus those who not believe in a superior being of whatever it maybe, are less than equal than those who do. Your time will come.