Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4, 2009

The Peace Corps was invited the Charge d’Affairs of the U.S. State Department, Ms. Robin Yaeger, to attend an Independence Day celebration at the Robert Lewis Stevenson Museum in Apia. Members of the U.S. Navy who are on a humanitarian mission Samoa for three weeks and other South Pacific nations with medical teams, veterinarians, and construction crews were present. Samoan officials and other dignitaries also attended. One of the highlights was a softball game between the Peace Corps and Navy personnel.

The Ship: U.S.S. Robert E Byrd

A cargo ship hurriedly refitted for this mission because the original hospital ship was in quarantine due to a sailor contracting Swine Flu. The ship is in Apia harbor.

The Team: The Islanders
Front Row: Christian Heath (68), Ben Griffin (80), Igor Popstefanija (81), AJ Della Posta (81)
Back Row: Casey Burke (80), Jim Metz (80), Spencer Narron (80), Joe Brown (81), Paul Reinking (81), Jordan Knight (81), Ben Harding (78)

The Fans/Results

The Final Score was 14-4. The game ended after the ten run rule. It should be noted the Navy team claimed a handicap since there was no beer and a barbeque on the playing field.

The Celebrities
Arrival of Samoan Head of State

Peace Corps Country Director, Dale Withington, and wife

Peace Corps Medical Director, Teuila Pati, and Withington’s baby.

Rear Admiral Somebody presenting Something to Samoan Head of State

Miss U.S.A., aka Kate Shantar (81)

Miss Samoa (She is from Utah)

Samoa’s Prime Minister and me

The Grub
What a spread! And an open bar stocked with wine and beer.

The Fireworks
Sparklers were all Samoan Law permitted.

The Dance
As the evening drew to a close (8:00 pm), Peace Corps dancers took to the floor as U.S. Navy band played on. Please note dancing with a partner was a first-time experience for many volunteers.

Pictured left to right: Eric Martin’s (79) mother and John Kleive (79), Roselinda Wong (79) and Trent Lobdell (80), Spencer Narron (80) and Jenny Koch (80), Erica Wales (80) and Joey Carmelo (80)


Barb Carusillo said...

You have the very best coverage of the great 4th of July party....it looks like a fun time was had by all. I think it is really neat that such a big deal was made for Americans, that even the heads of state showed up. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Is that Mary....or some one else on your lap? Just another dance in the group photo "short timer"!