Friday, September 4, 2009

Ahoy Mate

38' Island Packet Sailboat

I have never spent more than one night at sea, yet the call of the Seven Seas beckons my fantasies. The memories of the "yachtees" and "cruisers" in the Apia harbor just reinforce my desires. Then I get a call from a Peace Corps Volunteer in Samoa saying he has found the boat for me. All I need to do is buy it, learn to sail, and he will join me for an epic voyage. Mary and I are ready to proceed, then I go to sleep.
What is it about sleep that crushes daydreams? Soon the forces of reason take over and the realities of living so far from the sea drop anchor on my hopes.
But alas, my friend encourages sailing lessons on Lake Superior. If you can sail Lake Superior, you can sail anywhere. The last class next week conflicts with a family event. I just have to wait till next spring or seek out an ice-free port to live.

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