Monday, January 11, 2010

Certificate of Appreciation

Some things, which at first glance seem inconsequential on omission, end up having lasting negative affects; such as, not saying an appropriate "hello', or "thank you".

On my flight back from Samoa, I had an empty feeling. There was nothing from the Peace Corps to show that I had completed or had even served in Peace Corps. How was it that "Certificates of Appreciation" are awarded for what may seem to be the most trifle of deeds, and even to the strawman in the "Wizard of Oz", but none to Peace Corps Volunteers? How difficult was it to print out a standard form, using Microsoft Word?

Upon further inquiry to Peace Corps Samoa, I was told Peace Corps offices in Washington, D.C. had to be first consulted. The response was that there was indeed an offical Peace Corps "Certificate of Appreciation" issued by the Director of the Peace Corps. No one to my knowledge has recieved such a document.

Maybe I haven't waited long enough. It has been only five months since I left. If my service doesn't warrant a certificate, please let me know. I can frame that document with my acceptance letter from President George W. Bush.


anthony said...

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Anonymous said...

The peace corp program doesn't pay or give out a certificate to the host families you all stay with. You got paid.