Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Shred the Love" Party


Disappointed, disillusioned, and maybe jilted, these young ladies are ready to put this photo of a past love into the shredder.

Some things you just can't pass by. One is the Second Annual "Shred the Love" party.

Instead of a box of chocolates and a romantic dinner, the event is a party for people looking to let off some steam over an ex-love(s). The lovelorn people are asked to bring old mementos that carry memories of their former loves to be shredded. There are paper shredders, scissors, and a chance to de-stuff teddy bears. Broken heart cookies will also be sold.

The party sponsors are happy with the turnout. Both men and women came with bags of stuff, wedding invitations of weddings which never took place, photo albums, letters, and during a live radio broadcast at the event one scorned woman said on the air the name of her ex whom she caught in bed with someone else.

I said to some of the forlorn I have known that I would be happy to be their surrogate should they be unable to attend the party. One replied, "If only there were a memento to shred -- so many mementos have been shredded, stomped upon, burned, drowned, destroyed -- they are now only faint memories. I think you need more recent exes. However, I do appreciate the offer and am happy to see that you are utilizing all of your many skill sets."

Ah, love. Who really understands it?

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