Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scanning the past

5/19/10Who are these people? Where and when did this person look at his/her foot?

I don't recommend any sane person take on a project of scanning family photos and slides, or converting the "older" technologies of audio cassettes, 8mm movies, or VHS tape to CD/DVDs. It can only lead you or those yet to be born the task of reconverting your meticulous efforts to whatever the new technology, du jour.
Whatever the drawbacks in consumed days/weeks/months of your time, dollars, and what rational thought you may think you had, scanning the past can also produce surprises, joys, and mysteries.

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Loretta Hansen said...

I believe the child looking at his/her foot was looking for blood suckers. That particular spot was full of them. They liked to get between the toes and hang on good and tight. Why did they always get between our toes? Loretta