Monday, July 25, 2011

Volunteers in Action

July 22, 2011

If I said a hundred times how proud I am to have the opportunity to work these Peace Corps Volunteers, I haven’t said it enough. They represent what I feel the United States represents, giving of their time and talents to help others without any hope of being rewarded and maybe not even being recognized.

Of course, some come with warts, some with no idea of their next step, and others to build resumes. Most have thought of joining the Peace Corps years before joining. Some have parents who encouraged them to step outside of their familiar boxes and venture to an unknown land, knowing of the dangers, but also to help their children grow.

Here are a few who helped the past week:

Dan Butterfoss (back row)

Mike Abouraad
Katie Klane

Rivka Rocchio (husband Chris, not pictured)

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Teri said...

Love seeing the groups showing off their pink wristbands! You'd be proud of how well I've done on the Samoan Challenge here in the States. 40 lbs lost and the resulting perfect numbers on my last physical are proof positive that changing our eating habits and getting a little more exercise really does pay off.