Wednesday, April 1, 2009



When do you stand up and say, “I’m as mad a hell and won’t take it anymore”? With me, probably too often as the scars of past skirmishes mar my body and dwell in my mind.

Timing of a confrontation is important. You want to be prepared, have your courage at the max. Unfortunately this rarely happens. When you thought you had the winning hand, the deck gets reshuffled and you end up with aces and eights. But play the hand you must.

The sewing machine wars are now underway due to my “heated discussion” with the Women’s Committee President in front of her troops as I bicycled down the road. It is time the “people” learn the “truth” about sewing machines locked away for none to use; it is time for action, and the adversary is engaged. She is a formidable one at that, weighing in at 250 pounds to my 180.


Teri said...

GO DAD!! The truth wins! Such a controlling person must be "outed" when the need for the machines is so great. For your sake, I hope it is worth the battle. If she throws her weight around (literally) maybe you'll end up with a battle scar as living proof you stood up for what is right and just. Courage, daddy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that happens there. It's a very corrupt country just look at how the Prime Minister handles things there. The head of the committee is putting them away for herself and her family. She may sell them to the stores for cash. Confront her or take her to the village elders. She's not the boss of you.