Friday, April 17, 2009

Jumping to Conclusions


We all seem to keep repeating the same mistake of assuming the worst when we should be the best or allow our biases to fill the gaps of the unknown.

Some young boys were selling banana chips to Christa, Jara, and me while walking around the village. Jara paid for five bags and the boys handed the chips to him. Since we didn’t want to carry the chips, I told the boys in Samoan to put them on my porch. Upon returning, there were no chips. I knew these to be good boys, but we laughed about being had. When going to sleep, Jara found the chips safely put under the sheets on his side of the mattress.
For months I have been fuming about a missing plastic cone used to make filtered coffee. I was convinced it was stolen during my visit to the U.S. Alas after retrieving some stuff from under my bed; there it was where I had put it so it would not be stolen.

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Benjamin H. said...

Kind of like finding the $10 bill in the washing machine after hunting all over for it. Washing Machine- a contraption that uses water and an agitating tub to wash clothes.