Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who are These People?


Susan and Robert, U.S. Central Pacific Command

Repeated calls from an unlisted number usually means an “important” person is trying to contact you, but whom? It is Samoa’s branch of the U.S. State Department asking if I would meet with two U.S. visitors.

I meet Susan and her underling, Robert, at the Savaii wharf. They introduce themselves as from the U.S. Central Pacific Command, based in Hawaii. They speak with a light southern accent and say they want to learn more about Samoan culture after their visits to Tonga and Fiji. They are just gathering information about ways the U.S. can help Samoa. They spend a lot of time in museums; of which I now know Samoa has one.

I take them to my house. We talk about the things I am doing in Samoa. Robert snaps some pictures of piglets for his children? After a few hours they continue on their circumnavigation of Savaii. But who are these people?

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