Monday, April 27, 2009

Road Trip: Ancillary Projects


With samples of okra and seeds, I introduced okra to the villages tested. Relating how to cook it the same way Samoans cook green beans, the two families I stayed with tried it. They said they liked it, and they got seeds. I plan to return in two months for testing and check the okra crop.

Ben Harding's host family eating okra for the first time (very civilized indeed).

Pineapple Jam
The pineapple season was supposedly over, but in Jenny’s village of Tufutafoe they still had some fresh pineapple. Being starved for the stuff, I said I would teach the women how to make pineapple jam. Pineapples, a kerosene stove, and large pot quickly appeared. With eager women pacing the floor, I hurriedly made a large pot full of the jam. I may never be remembered for testing blood or okra, but I don’t think I will be forgotten soon for the jam.

Making pineapple jam during a break while an eager Matai watches

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