Sunday, December 21, 2008

BITUSA- Rear Window


View from my condo window.

Current Minneapolis Temp: -12F
Current Minneapolis Wind Chill: -35F
Current Samoa Temp: 82F
Current Samoa Heat Factor: 95F

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Mark Reid said...

This is Mark, husband of Nena whom you met on the ferry to Upolu and who later sent some seeds from Melbourne.
I've had your blog address stuck to the whiteboard here in my office for a long time, but never having visited a blog, and being busy with other things this is my first venture to the blogosphere.
Browsing through your postings brings nostalgia to mind - Samoa is exactly the same wonderful place as when I lived there from 1976 to 1988. The most civilised place on the planet; it wove a web around me from which i've never quite escaped.
So while you're looking through venetian blinds at a frozen Minneapolis, I'm looking through venetians in my office window. Outside it's sunny and about 80F. Samoa reaches out to remind me I should sign off and prepare for Christmas Eve Mass.
Merry Christmas.