Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Day with Dylan Ryder


Dylan Ryder, Rhode Island, successfully finishes his Peace Corps tour as a computer teacher at Tuasivi College (High School) on Savaii. For me, Dylan exemplifies the best of the Peace Corps. He leaves behind a successful curriculum to be followed by the incoming Peace Corps Volunteer and a trail of tears from his many sad and loving students. He plans to spend some time with his parents, visit some of his fellow volunteers across the U.S. before hopefully getting a Fulbright to teach a year in Turkey. Samoa still beckons him to return as a school administrator.

Wanting to see the island’s sights he never before had the time or means to explore, Max Lapushin, Jacob Burney, and me join him in his quest to drive on all of Savaii’s roads. Below are some photos to mark that day.

At a Black Sand Beach

At Tia Seu, Ancient Mounds
Dylan with Ancient Sacrificial Stone
Max is first to go. Jacob doing the honors.

What one has to do in the Peace Corps.


Laura said...

ummm...yikes! You savaii boys scare me

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun times.