Thursday, January 29, 2009

Justice Served


A representative from the government and one from the Peace Corps spoke to my host father, the mayor, about his son burglarizing my house. The government official, the mayor’s boss, said he would lose his job if it happened again and his son reported to the police. The Peace Corps staff person kept the meeting peaceful.

By chance a few of the village leaders were at the mayor’s house. They were shocked to learn of the events. The leaders have the ability to remove the entire family from the village if they so choose. The village was to be put on alert to watch the comings and goings of the son.

I still don’t know how the boy broke into my padlocked room, but since all padlocks of a certain model have the same key, there really isn’t any need to get keys duplicated. I just hope my new padlock is not as popular a model. No meeting of the entire village seems to be in the offing as would happen to any other individual, but I guess you have to get what slice of justice you can when you are able. At least my pair of Dickies work shorts and headphones have been returned and that is good. The son has his head shaved. Why, I am not sure and that is unexpected. It is time to move on to pricking people’s fingers and reading glucose levels. Amen.

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